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Cloud solutions allow you to harness the nearly unlimited power of computing and other services that are managed by some of the world’s largest companies. They rent space to your company at very reasonable rates, so you have unlimited space and fantastic computing power.

The advantages of cloud computing

Cloud computing is the biggest technological revolution for small businesses since the invention of the PC. It offers you most of or all if you choose the benefits of having your own on-prem environment without the high dollar price tag.

  • Scalability – You will never run out of storage space or computing power. The cloud is elastic.
  • Updated – Using managed IT services and cloud computing, your environment is always up to date. Since it’s all in the cloud, updates happen in real-time instead of waiting for someone to push a button.
  • Secure – The security on cloud servers rivals government facilities because most of them are! The companies that manage cloud servers, have far more to lose than you do from a security breach.
  • Affordable – Cloud computing is very inexpensive. You can use an immense amount of power for very little each month.
  • No infrastructure – There is very little infrastructure that your offices will need. In fact, if you have Wi-Fi in your office, you really don’t need anything else!
  • Collaboration – Cloud computing lets you collaborate from anywhere in the world on any device with your teams and your customers in real-time.


Cloud computing is the most powerful way for small or mid-sized businesses to get all the power of the latest technology without a big expense.


Managed IT is a simple idea that will save you time and money.

When you opened your business, did you see yourself updating software programs, running virus scans, or fixing glitches in your technology? 

Did you expect to spend several hours every week making sure that your network is 100% secure and protections up to date?

The professionals at Millennium IT Solutions can monitor your systems, update your software, keep your devices secure and running optimally, to keep you focused on the business of business.

Control costs – Pay only for the managed services you need. You don’t need someone on staff full-time to do an hour’s work a day.

  • Deep bench – You’re not limited to a single resource, Millenium IT Solutions works with top technology partners in the industry giving your pretty much, your own dream team so you get the best care.
  • New technology sooner – New installations and upgrades are handled out of your way and when required. There’s no delay and no hassle. 

Managed IT is the same idea as hiring experts to take care of the lawn or building maintenance. Most small or mid-sized businesses would never consider bringing on a full-time gardener to work part time on the lawn. Why would you hire a full-time tech person to do part time work?

With managed IT services from Millennium IT Solutions, you can save money and keep your technology current.

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